Our Process

Phase One – Learn & Plan

  • Translate your business goals into marketing objectives and establishing KPIs by which to measure our impact on those goals and objectives
  • Gain a deep understanding of your niche, your business, it’s products and/or services, and your audience.
  • Establish a plan of action with specific and measurable deliverables.

Phase Two – Execute & Measure

Phase Three – Optimize & Iterate

Our Core Values

Radical Transparency

We will never treat our marketing strategies and tactics as a black box or magic beyond your comprehension. Our competitive edge is and will always be dependent on focus, experience, and the bandwidth and capability to execute rather than on proprietary and secret methods.

Bespoke Marketing

If you are paying top-dollar for marketing expertise, you shouldn’t be getting one-size-fits-all campaigns and strategies from your marketing agency. Our first step in on-boarding any new client is developing a deep understanding of your niche, your business, your products/services and your target audience. We will not issue a strategy proposal until we have accomplished this step, and we will continue to optimize and iterate on the lessons we learn from each new campaign to further refine that strategy at every step of the way.

Yours to Keep

Some agencies try to create lock-in by controlling your data, often under the guise of saving you money. Whenever we need to use a tool to collect marketing intelligence about your site, we’ll make sure it is under your control, and that you’ve been instructed on what it’s for and how to use it. If we should part ways you will not lose all of the historical data that has accumulated during our engagement.  This also applies to any work we’ve done on your site, content we’ve created on your behalf, or outreach we’ve done in your name.

Pursuit of Mastery

Low-hanging fruit is boring. Whenever possible we will prefer client work that requires deep expertise rather than simple fixes. This commitment will provide us with the perfect opportunity and motivation to continuously hone our craft and remain at the forefront of the digital marketing space.

Quality, Fun & Fairness over Profits

It is not hard to make money in the digital marketing space. It is however easy to overshoot the profit motive at the expense of delivering quality work, providing fair compensation, and fostering a welcoming company culture that balances quality of life with getting things done. We’ve set our pricing to enable us to deliver truly great results at a reasonable cost, without overwhelming or underpaying our staff.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

A lot of agencies are guilty of dumping huge sums of money and time into creating internal tooling to solve problems for which fairly priced external solutions already exist. If there is an opportunity to bring new capabilities to market that are not already being well served, great, otherwise we will aggressively avoid NIH syndrome. Instead we embrace “Proudly Found Elsewhere”.